Monday, March 19, 2012

CTTF vs Cards n Stuff: 2012 Wager

If you missed last week's UCB Radio Hour podcast, you might not be surprised to hear that my co-host Chris Mallonee & I ran over the time limit...suggested time lim

We went long.  No shocker there, we always do--you just can't cram all that awesomeness into 60 minutes.  Particularly when our guest, Kevin Reynolds from Cards n Stuff, who brings an additional dimension of awesomeness, joined the show.

As per usual, we were discussing the Cardinals, when Chris pointed out that Vegas had the Cardinals at 88.5 wins for the 2012 season, and he asked Kevin & I if we'd take the over or the under.  Kevin & I answered differently, but for exactly how we answered?  You'll just have to listen!  Long story short, Kevin & I may be engaging in a friendly wager surrounding the pending outcome of the 2012 Cardinals' win/loss record.

This is where you come in.  We haven't figured out exactly what the stakes will be for said wager, if, in fact, it is to take place.  We know that neck tattoos will not be a prize (or consequence--it never was made completely clear which it would be), and we want to keep it fun.  So, in the comment section below, we're up for hearing what your suggestions are.

What should Kevin & I bet when it comes to the over/under on the Cardinals' 88.5 win 2012 season?  We've agreed on only one thing, we have to choose the stakes by Opening Day...well, that and the whole neck tattoo thing.


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